(Wait. Why are there two Slicks in the last ask?)

Are you still going to shut this down?

((I said that a while ago, then restarted it. This blog is going to keep running, even if i don’t post for a while that doesn’t mean it’s dead. It just means that i’m not feeling it at the moment. Thanks for your patience throughout all of this you guys, i really appreciate it))


I'm in love with your lineart and colouring, you've improved so much and I think it's inspiring to see such improvement.

((oh-oh wow, thank you so much! I didn’t expect such a kind message, this really means a lot wow. I am sort of speechless, just thank you so much!! Gosh wow))

I love this blog.

((this blog loves you))

((Ok got it figured out, it looks the same to me because I use safari and for some reason it changes the colours and it lies. SHOULD be fixed now. Please. hopefully.

Sorry about all that folks!))

((Guess who made a nice new clean icon AS WELL AS a nice header for the blog))

((hey guys))

((When i spell something wrong in an ask, don’t feel the need to ignore it, please let me know. So i don’t, you know, notice it hours later :P))

((Unless none of you noticed.))

((Then just ignore this.))


((Closing the ask box))

((Closing the ask box because ahhh 128 asks now and i’m ridiculously slow and ffffi’m bad at this. :( Sorry))

((And the result))

((I am going to leave the askbox open~ if i don’t respond to one of your asks there’d be nothing stopping you from submitting another (except i guess if you go past that ask limit thinger :I) and if it really does become too much i can always close it again… So uh, ask away!))